Frequently asked questions and answers

What is available at the Clubhouse?

• Mini Gym
• Swimming pool
• Library
• Entertainment hall
• HOA office
• Space for a hairdresser (currently used for sales office)
• Guest rooms that can be rented from the HOA for visiting family or friends
• Kitchen
• Boma

What is included in the monthly levy?

• Security
• Maintenance of the common areas
• Rates and taxes on Club House
• Cleaner for Clubhouse
• Water and electricity for common areas
• Pool cleaning services
• Insurance on clubhouse

What is the minimum age for a resident?

50 years and older

Can I buy a Unit and rent it out?

• Yes providing that your tenant adhere to the rules and is 50 years or older
• And that the rental agreement is not for a period less than 6 Months.

Can I make changes to the plans of the house?

• On the larger stands
• On the smaller stands only internal changes will be allowed
• Any proposed changes must be within the architect guidelines
• You will have three available consultations with the appointed architect
• Cost of changes will be for the account of the purchaser

What arrangements are there for frail care?

A Preferred service provider has been identified and care is done in the form of Home Based Care for the account of the resident

For how long may my guests visit?

In the event that your guests will stay for a period longer than seven days, it must be brought under the attention of the estate manager who will arrange special access for them.

Our Clubhouse provides guestrooms to rent from the HOA, should you want to make use thereof.

I have a Caravan or boat

Boats and Caravans are not allowed to be parked in the estate, and trailers may be parked,providing they are parked inside the garage.

Where do I install my satellite dish?

There is  a central dish for the use of all residents.

Will there be penalties for persons breaking the rules?

Yes, a list of the transgressions and the penalties are catered for in the rules

Will there be a gardening service?

Yes, the gardening service will tend to the basic needs, and will service the common areas.

May I install a water reservoir?

There is already a underground reservoir of nearly half a million litters filled by rain water and a borehole on site

Will medical evaluation be done on perspective buyers?

Yes, a form will be provided to be completed by their Physician.

May I have Pets?

Yes, pets are allowed within reason. We need to request permission from the Homeowners Association.